Lesson 55


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The phone is ringing

Doctor: Good Morning! Dental Surgery "Dental S". How can I help you?

Patient: Hello, I would like to make an appointment to consult on teeth whitening.

Doctor: Of course. How about today at 5p.m. Is it suitable for you?

Patient: Yes, it suits me. I will be there at 5p.m.

Doctor: Could you please provide me with your name and surname?

Patient: My name is Sylwia Nowak.

Doctor: I've got it. See you at 5 o'clock then.

Later in the afternoon

Patient: Good Afternoon. I have an appointment on tooth whitening.

Doctor: Oh yes, I remember. Please come in  into my office.

Patient: Doctor, My friend has her teeth withened and she is very happy with the result. I must admit that I envy her.

Doctor: Well, yes. I understand. Before I propose performing the procedure, I have to examine you fitst.

Patient: Ok, I understand, Doctor.

After the test

Doctor: Of course, you qualify for teeth whitening. Your teeth are quite dark.

Patient: Yes, and it really bothers me. I think it's from drinking read wine and tea.

Doctor: It may be so, but I think it is your natural shade. According to the shade guide it is A3.5, so it is quite common color. But brighter teeth are 2 or even 3 tons lighter. In additionn, you must know that after whitening you will need to replace the filling in the central incisor. It is already somewhat darker and after bleaching the color difference will be even greater. Well, I will have to remove the calculus.

Patient: Can we do all ohf these today?

Doctor: Of course not. Today I will remove calculus only, because I've booked 45 minutes for a consultation, but a quarter of an hour have already passed. Bleaching takes some time and I wouldn't certainly have enough time to perform this procedure.

The patient: And can we schedule the appointment for whitening and filling replacement for this week?

Doctor: Absolutely. However, you must be aware that it may be necessary to apply gel twice or even three times. Anyway, I'll give you a leaflet on tooth whitening to read while you're in the chair. The procedure takes about 30 minutes and there are some inconveniences, but you have to read this information. If you have any questions, I will answer during the next visit. In addition, we will arrange for filling exchange several weeks after bleaching. Following the procedure teeth are dehydrated and after the treatment are usually very bright. The final color develops only after 3 weeks. You also need to remember that during bleaching and during those three weeks after the procedure, you mustn't drink or eat discoloring products. I mean beets, blueberries or red wine, but like I said, it's all written in the information leaflet that you get.

Patient: I understand and I am glad that there is a chance to lighten my teeth. I have always suffered because of this. And is it possible for my sister to whiten her teeth?

Doctor: Of course, but she also has to be be examined first. Doctor should always examine the patient and say that there is no contraindications for bleaching.

The patient. It will come with her next time. She's 12 years old.

Doctor: Oh, I see. So we can't do it. In children, we do not perform tooth whitening. But of course, you are welcomed to come with sister for periodic check-up of the mouth.

The patient. I think the sister will willingly come. We were both last at the dentist's probably two years ago.

Doctor: Well, actually, the test must be performed. And now I get down to removing the calculus, because I have little time before the next patient comes.

Patient: Of course.



Look at this list of shade-taking procedure. Substitute words in brakets with corresponding words from the table.













Tips for shade-taking

  • If possible, 1)__________ (establish) the shade under daylight conditions or standardised daylight lamps, and not under normal indoor lighting conditions.
  • The shade-taking 2)__________ (place) should preferably be in 3)________(subdued/softened) Patients should be asked to remove lipstick or any cosmetics which could have an 4)_________ (impact)on shade- taking. Clothing in 5)_________ (distinct) colours should be covered with a grey overall.
  • Make your choice 6)__________ (fast); always accept your first decision, since the eyes begin to tire after approx. 5 – 7 seconds.


  • Hold the shade guide at a 7)_________ ( appropriate) distance (at arm’s length) against the patient’s mouth.
  • Make your choice of shade without 8)__________ (uncerntainty)by comparing the shade samples of the shade groups A – D with the natural tooth.
  • Disinfect the shade guide after every shade-taking procedure. If 9)__________ (choice) according to lightness values instead of shade values is desired, we10)________ (suggest) that the shade samples be arranged in the following order: B1 . A1 . B2 . D2 . A2 . C1 . C2 . D4 . A3 . D3 . B3 . A3,5 . B4 . C3 . A4 . C4

Word formation. Complete the missing information in the table below. 




























Now, complete these sentences with one word from the table above.

  1. Tooth _____________ is one of the most common undesirable effects of dental bleaching.
  1. When done under trained hands, the side effects are ____________ and limit themselves to slight sensitivity of teeth, which may last for about a few hours to a few days post the bleaching session.
  1. Depending on the type of treatment done (in office/at home), bleaching may __________ from about a one hour office visit to multiple weeks(if done at home) before you get the desired shade of your teeth.
  1. Sometimes the gums might get __________ due to the seepage of the bleaching agent to the gums.
  1. Coffee, red wine, certain types of fruit or vegetable may cause ______________.
  1. The results of bleaching do not last forver. Improper diet or oral hygiene are responsible for _________________ of stains on ones theeth.

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